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Our Goal is to keep you informed with Facts and Questions Answered Below.
FAQ's are updated as many times as we need to to keep everyone informed of our products. When a customer asks a question, we will post it and the response here.
1) Will your ammunition kill someone ?
Answer: Yes, Our ammunition, although designed and used for less lethal protection and shooting can be lethal. ANY ammunition when fired from a weapon can be lethal. Situations include, area of impact. Distance of firing and of course mishandling of a weapon or product ( Storage, age and or environmental ). Like with all ammunition, Responsibility is required to make sure misuse doesn't result in injury or death.
2) Will your ammunition cycle a semi automatic weapon.
Answer: No, our ammunition like many other non lethal or sport shooting ammunition will NOT cycle a semi or fully automatic weapon. The delicate balance between less than lethal and lethal is so fine that in order to provide a product that cycles these weapons we change into lethal rounds. We are working on it.
3) I notice you sell re-load supplies, but sometimes none are available, Why ?
Answer: We service our first run production first. When this is caught up, we will release secondary market product.
4) What is the actual bullet made of ?
Answer: A composite Rubber Compound. :)
5) What Quantities do you sell ?
Answer: Currently 5 and 10 packs, if requiring more, ask.
6) Why a pepper round ?
Answer: Our pepper round is another distractionary device given if you confront avoid a threat. Along with a rubber slug, the pepper disbursement allows for a moment of distraction to defuse or stop a threat or remove ones self from the scene.
7) Why not just shoot the person ?
Answer: Shooting someone is taking a life. More importantly, the life of someone standing behind them or in the next room, or in a crowd. Air Marshals use Rubber rounds on planes, we believe the public should be able to also if they choose. Giving a less then lethal chance is often enough to deter a potential problem if used correctly.


Whether you choose our standard round, pepper charged round or our shotgun round, you'll have the very best we can offer for defense in your home or in public.

Our Ammunition is specially designed to pack a punch on any assailant, while NOT penetrating walls and interior doors subjecting innocent people to what could be catastrophic injury or death.

Target and trick shooters will appreciate our true flight technology. Choose target load ammo for your weapon and not only will you be able to shoot safely, but accurately both indoors and out.

** Less than lethal ammunition can still be deadly if used. NO guaranty that our ammunition is non-lethal as penetration on vulnerable tissue can result in death. ALL ammunition should be treated as live ammunition and kept securely locked away from kids. Concepts In Ammunition takes NO responsibility for the use of it's products and all claims made are made in fact that our ammunition was tested and developed under controlled environments. Distance, aim and control may incur these types of injury to the would be target. Rubber Ammunition is NOT a toy. Misuse can result in death.

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